Tornado Kick / Hurricane Kick / 360 Kick

Tutorial for Hurricane Kick / 360 Kick / Tornado used in Martial Arts or how to do a spin kick

If you want to learn to do a spinning kick, how to do a tornado kick, this is how you will do it. This is a tricking tutorial, not a DEMO! Full speed will include multiple spins for the 360 kick and more.

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This is the method I used to practise the tornado / hurricane kick or how to do a spin kick. You need to practice initially with the preceding turning kick although you will not complete his first turning kick but this allows you to generate momentum in order to make the first jump and the spin for the kick

Make sure that when you use this firstly to throw over the place down on the floor facing backwards so that you can more easily make the spinning and the jump to allow the other foot to come around for the kick

Once you have perfected this method of practice, you are then ready to practice the main tornado kick from a standing position. Be careful to make sure that the leg comes around and 45° angle and that you take care when landing because repetitive landings on this leg can injure the knee if not done correctly so this should not be practised for long periods in any one training session.

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*WARNING* It is essential to warm up sufficiently before practising any of these techniques

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