2 Minute Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain Working at Home | Daily Stretching for Sciatic Pain


This was the physical therapy taught to me for lower back pain while working at home. I have had various types of therapy for lower back pain over the years. Working at home is something that causes back pain easily becuase of how we sit and work. #physicaltherapy #workingathome #withme

Sitting in a chair has a physical effect on your muscles, spine, and spinal discs. You are compressing your back and discs when you sit in a chair leaning over your laptop.

Thankfully, there is a simple physical therapy technique to help you overcome sciatica and lower back problems.

Also great for hip pain physiotherapy

Think of me as your physical therapy assistant!


I am not a doctor or a physical therapist, but I am a 6th Dan military combat instructor with over 25 years of training, injury and pain management.

Check out this video and playlist specifically for lower back pain and sciatica pain relief:

Sciatica Physiotherapy Playlist:


Sciatica Pain Relief – Immediate Effect